Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Hunt...

This weekend all the stars finally aligned and we were able to get over to the Mid Century Warehouse public sale they hold twice a month.  Things there were a little (or a lot) over our budget, so we didn't end up buying anything, but it was fun to look and see all the people out and about with the warm weather.  We've been looking for a good credenza but I'd still rather get one at a steal from someone that doesn't know what mid-century is.  I've seen a few on craigslist and I just need to continue my hunt until we find something worth grabbing.


Afterwards we went to an adoption agency and looked at dogs.  We went on a whim.  It was Matt's birthday weekend and he suggested it, but now we are seriously considering it.  If some people we know can handle dogs, certainly we can too.  The one we fell for was named Feisty and he peed all over the floor when we met him - if that isn't kismet - what is?

We'll think about it for a bit, weigh the options, meet some more dogs, decide on breed options and gender preference.  I'd like a female to avoid the lifting the leg thing, but Matt would like a male to get some testosterone in the house.  I wonder if we are pining for companionship because it's spring and we love the idea of walking a little lover!

Isn't he cute?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Backyard Forecasting...

We have a lot of plans for our tiny backyard this summer.  First we have some debt to pay off and some necessities to buy - but we are very much looking forward to transforming our space into a little ghetto oasis.

Here are a few photos that inspired us.

Photo found here
Photo found here
Photo found here
Photo found here
Photo found here
Photo found here
Here is our current backyard space.  It's roughly 20x16 feet.  I took the 2nd photo as a number of photos and then created a composite.

And here is my kooky drawing of the projected changes:

The blue is where we would build a couch.  We're still arguing about how much of this will be green space.  I'd like a little more, Matt would like what is pictured here.  The biggest issue is removing the concrete where we plant grass/plants etc.  That will be a gigantic undertaking (and expensive to rent the equipment). 

I'll keep you updated on our progress.  For now it is a dream - but we are project people so we do much better with a dream in front of us...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Family in Philly...

Last weekend my brother, his wife and my two teenage nephews came to visit.  It was one of the most special weekends I've had in Philly.  My brother is older than me and has never seen me live anywhere other than at my parents' house so it was amazing to have them stay at our house.  They also live in the woods of Vermont and haven't spent much time in the city, so our goal by the end of the weekend was to show them how cool it can be here and to not have them leave thinking we're insane for living in the crowded, dirty hood.

I'd say we were pretty successful...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thrift Success...

My birthday was last week and I got a little money from my and Matt's grandmother - so to make it stretch in these lean times I went to my favorite thrift store: Village Thrift in Camden, NJ.

Last time I went I tried the Sunday 1/2 off days and hated it - totally picked over and too crowded, so Matt and I went on Saturday morning.  He was on the hunt for a few more work items.  At his old job he worked from home for years, so with a new office job - he is building a new wardrobe.  I was a little less focused on my searches, but I found some great pieces